Friday, December 4, 2015

5 Life-Saving Auto Repair Tips to Increase Your Vehicle’s Lifespan

If you plan to keep your car on a long-term basis, you must have it serviced on a regular basis. A well-maintained car can easily last for more than 250,000 miles. Here are five tips to increase your vehicle’s lifespan. Pay Attention to Your Check Engine Light Never ignore your vehicle’s check engine light. While the problem may be something simple, the best approach is to avoid taking any chances. An engine diagnostic test will pinpoint the specific problem. After seeking auto repair in Mission Viejo CA, you will be able to ride with an extra peace of mind.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Auto Repair Professionals: Five Common Causes of a Rough Engine Idle

A misfiring engine should always cause some concern. In order for your vehicle to deliver the optimum performance and efficiency, the engine must remain in tip-top condition. Here are five of the most common causes of a rough idle. Cracked Vacuum Hose Most modern engines are designed with a series of vacuum hoses. If one of these vacuum hoses happens to crack or become disconnected, this will ruin your vehicle’s gas mileage. Your engine will not be able to maintain the proper air-fuel ratio. While tracking down a leaky vacuum hose can be difficult, an experienced mechanic from a San Juan Capistrano auto repair shop can quickly pinpoint the source of your trouble. Clogged Fuel Filter Often times, many car owners fail to replace their fuel filter on a regular basis. Although today’s fuels are relatively clean, they can still contain a fair amount of contaminants.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Fast Track: How to Get Your Auto Repair Completed in Less Time

It can be inconvenient and even downright stressful to have your car in the shop for auto repair services in Mission Viejo, CA. In some cases, auto repair Mission Viejo may only take a few hours, but other types of auto repair work may take several days or even weeks. If your vehicle needs to be repaired, there are a few steps that you can take to decrease the amount of time that you are without access to your car.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

How to Get Quality Service from an Auto Repair Shop in California

If you hear a knocking sound from the engine or a squeaking sound when you break, it may be time to bring your car to a repair shop. However, if the car isn't fixed properly the first time, the problem may linger or get worse. Therefore, it is critical that you find an auto repair shop that will do the job right the first time.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Auto Repair in Mission Viejo, CA Deals with Loose Transmission Crises

Maneuvering the transmission is one of the critical skills you need to master when you’re learning to drive. Whether it’s an automatic or manual, the transmission is vital to helping your engine churn out more power. The real problem is, what if the shift lever pops out of the slot and sends the car into neutral? Although you may be able to get in gear again, you will need to have it checked at an auto repair shop in Mission Viejo, CA like the Laguna Niguel Auto Center.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Your Drifter Fixed Up at a San Juan Capistrano Auto Repair Service

Some car owners may have ideas about reconfiguring their rides to be more in line with drift vehicles. Pushing them to the limits, however, invites hefty strain that must be corrected at a leading auto repair service. In an article for Super Street magazine, Mike Kojima said a simple setup works but may require adequate planning and servicing. San Juan Capistrano has long been on the drifting map thanks to the prominence of Formula DRIFT driver Tanner Foust and rally specialist Rhys Millen. Some residents may have even attended popular car shows or drifting events on the West Coast. When your car shows ample wear and tear for a basic drifting vehicle, a company such as Laguna Niguel Auto Center will be prepared to address the problem.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mission Viejo Auto Repair: Handling Common Car Complications in Summer

The current warm California weather is perfect for a road trip. Your giant cooler, snacks, tanning lotion, and all your summer gear have been fully loaded in the trunk and you’re all set to go. However, did you remember to check if your car is also ready for the trip? With all the buildup of excitement, auto maintenance may not exactly be top-of-mind, but if you ignore it, your road trip may get interrupted. If your car had, in past months, encountered extreme weather conditions, there may have been vulnerable parts that got pounded on more than the rest, like the radiator, air filters, the windshield and tires. So before hitting the road, have your vehicle serviced in an auto repair shop near Mission Viejo, CA.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Gear Up Your Volvo for an Adventure Drive with Auto Repair and Check

When it comes to driving off-road, Volvo is, hands-down, one of the best choices. In fact, Volvo cars were specifically designed to withstand the rough and rugged terrains. Named from the Latin word “volvere,” which means “to roll,” these cars are able to prepare their drivers for the most adrenaline-pumping drive imaginable. In a test drive posted by Motor Trend, a Volvo car was shown to be driving at 48 miles per hour before going off-road, hitting an embankment and flying airborne for a while. This is made possible by the run-off-road protection system that allows the car to make adjustments to ensure passenger safety. These include a spine protection system, the back rest of the seat, an automatic retracting seatbelt adjustment, automatic airbags, and a release pin that retracts the brake pedal.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mission Viejo Auto Repair Pros: Pre-Inspection for Volkswagen Cars

"Volkswagens are no doubt one of the prime examples of European auto manufacturing ingenuity. From beneath the hood, down to the little details of its handsome exterior, Volkswagen has a reputation for great cars that they truly deserve. No matter how close to perfection Volkswagens are, however, they are not immune to mechanical glitches—particularly if you’re buying a pre-owned one. Some people who have purchased a used Volkswagen would make complaints about their driving experience months after they have purchased the vehicle, and would then bring them to whichever auto repair shop they first see. The problem with this situation is that most car owners are so excited to drive their new wheels on Laguna Niguel or Mission Viejo, CA roads that they forget to have it pre-inspected."

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Off-Roading: Auto Repair Service Gets Your Land Rover Expedition-Ready

"Many sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are meant for serious off-road use and are even driven on long expeditions. Among them, the Land Rover Defender stands out for its rugged construction, and if you have one in your garage that you’ve been meaning to conquer off beaten tracks with, you have to cover all the bases. A married couple said as much in chronicling their 10,000-mile journey in a Land Rover from London, England, to Cape Town, South Africa, in their website, Great Trek South. Some residents of San Juan Capistrano, CA, may have ideas in the future about similar runs. The city’s immediate proximity to I-5 helps expedition aspirants with going as far as Alaska, Canada or even the Four Corners region. When your Land Rover has to be in top condition for an epic journey on the road, bring the vehicle over to an auto repair company like Laguna Niguel Auto Center."

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mission Viejo Auto Repair Shops: Mercedes Benz Repairs at Better Rates

One of the biggest setbacks in owning a Mercedes-Benz car is that repairs are usually expensive. Somehow, even the little problems can take a huge bite out of your budget, and it can be very frustrating. However, repairs are an unavoidable part of car ownership, and sadly, no amount of care can change this fact. What you can change, though, is the amount that you pay for these repairs. An established Mission Viejo, CA auto repair facility that specializes in luxury brands, like Laguna Niguel Auto Center, can provide the services you need for your Mercedes, but at more affordable rates compared to Mercedes dealerships.

Friday, June 5, 2015

San Juan Capistrano Auto Repair Expert Discusses Common BMW Repairs

Like any other manufacturer’s cars, BMWs are not immune to problems. Here are some of the most common ones you might encounter. Oil Leaks – Oil leaks are most commonly caused by a broken or malfunctioning fuel pump and injector. You can detect this by smelling burnt oil even when your car is not moving. If this is the case, immediately look for an authorized BMW San Juan Capistrano auto repair center so they can easily replace the broken part for you. Electrical Problems – Things like a malfunctioning signal indicator or radio are also common problems that appear more frequently the older your car is. Just bring your car over to a repair center and have them diagnose the cause of the problem. The time of repair may vary according to how many things there are to fix, but these are considered minor problems that come with the wear and tear.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mission Viejo, CA Auto Repair Shop Can Help with Pre-Buying Inspection

You have just bought a brand new car, which you think is great, and you’re eager to drive it all over Orange County. However, you just found out that the windshield wiper is not moving properly, or that your luxury seat doesn’t recline smoothly. You may have missed one very important step before buying a car –pre-purchase inspection. It is important that you find an ally from your local auto repair in Mission Viejo, CA and ask him to help you inspect the car you want to buy. A full pre-purchase inspection allows you to assess the overall condition of the car. This includes all the parts and systems in the exterior and interior of the car, including helping you obtain car information records. Below is a checklist of parts and systems that should be looked into during the pre-purchase inspection.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

San Juan Capistrano Auto Repair Facilities Provide Car Parts Calendar

The question that most people ask is how often they really need to get their cars fixed or have the parts replaced. How often must one take his or her car for tune-ups, and other necessary check-ups? Any local San Juan Capistrano auto repair facility can offer you a calendar of car replacement schedules, which you should try to use to keep track of your car maintenance appointments and parts replacements. Here’s a list of some of the parts that will need regular check-ups: Battery – Batteries need to be replaced every 48 to 60 months, sometimes sooner. Before buying, make sure the new battery matches the manufacturer’s specs, and if possible, get the latest or advanced batteries for more consistent quality performance and extended life.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mission Viejo, CA Auto Repair: Ideal when Prepping for a Route 66 Trip

America’s road network is extensive beyond recognition, and nothing makes more of a statement than traversing the entirety of Route 66. If you’re having ideas about a road trip, your chosen vehicle should be in tip-top condition for the epic voyage. While it’s geared towards general road trips, a Consumer Reports article underlined the value of extensive preparation before a wonderful adventure. Some residents of Mission Viejo, California may be piqued by the importance of Route 66 in the American psyche. After all, the city is barely an hour away down I-405 North or I-5 to the main starting point in Santa Monica, and California’s stretch of the Route continues through LA via the above two roadways, to Monrovia (I-210), Fontana (I-15), San Bernardino (I-215/I-15) and Barstow before cruising to Arizona along I-40.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Auto Repair in San Juan Capistrano Works Well for Camber Alignment

In the music video of Sammy Hagar’s classic song “I Can’t Drive 55”, he has just finished testing his Ferrari BB512i and claimed that the car was easy to drive. His personal mechanic, Claudio Zampolli, said a slight camber adjustment helped improve the handling. Indeed, even such a minuscule part can play a vital role in your driving, as Marcus DiSabella stated in an article for Super Street magazine. The above anecdote is definitely relevant to auto enthusiasts in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The city has a relatively prominent car scene capped off by the local Rotary Club Car Show, and you may see some heavily modded cars on the streets from time to time. If you think your car has become a bit sluggish from certain incidents, experts at auto repair near San Juan Capistrano like the team at Laguna Niguel Auto Center can look it over and fix it for you.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mission Viejo, CA Auto Repair for Troubles Due to Drivers’ Bad Habits

Cars, like most things, tend to last longer the better you take care of them. More than just regularly keeping it washed and waxed, however, your manner of driving can inevitably affect your car’s health, too, in the long run. There are a lot of habits that not only causes most car problems, which needs attention by a reliable Mission Viejo auto repair service, but can also actually reduce your car’s value. Fast and Jerky Driving Do you tend to accelerate wildly along the highway only to suddenly stop at a traffic light? This kind of driving habit causes a gradual yet quicker deterioration on your engine, transmission, and brake system, and can trigger fluid leaks and other mechanical problems. Particularly for a brand new car, it’s advised to go easy on the gas during the first few thousand miles and change the oil as soon as possible.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

San Juan Capistrano Auto Repair Lists down Common Headlight Problems

While driving at night, or during foggy or rainy days, you can rely on your car’s headlight to provide you with much-needed illumination to guide you. Since your car’s headlights are as important as any other parts of your car, you should check their functionality on a regular basis, which you can simply do at home by shining them on a garage door or a wall. Normally, you should be able to see two spots of light on each side, indicating that both lights are operational, but what happens if something seems off while you test your car’s headlights? A dim light, or a single working light (or worse, no light at all) are just among the sure signs that your car needs to be brought to San Juan Capistrano auto repair services. There are simple ways to troubleshoot other common headlight problems, too.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Auto Repair in Mission Viejo, CA: Odd Sounds that Signify Car Problems

Normally, you shouldn’t hear any funny sound from your car while driving it, except for your favorite tunes playing on the radio; however, when you begin to hear a sound that you normally don’t hear while driving your car, it’s always best to have it checked by Mission Viejo, CA auto repair services, for funny or unusual sounds coming from your car would definitely mean that there’s something wrong with it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

San Juan Capistrano Auto Repair: Dealing with Common Car Problems

With bumps and bruises on the road, meanwhile, your suspension parts (which are supposed to protect your car from shock due to bumps on the road) start to wear. Although suspension components don’t need replacements routinely, you still need to watch out for deterioration on these parts, since it is essential for your safety. If one or more of your car’s key parts begin to show problems, going to providers of San Juan Capistrano, CA auto repair services, such as Laguna Niguel Auto Center, can help you address any issue your vehicle might have for a better and safer driving experience.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Car Engine Won’t Start: A Typical Mission Viejo, CA Auto Repair Issue

This is probably the most common problem that mechanics at local Mission Viejo, CA auto repair shops the likes of Laguna Niguel Auto Center have dealt with for so long. Auto repair expert and contributor Matthew Wright believes that this situation does everything but help, and is very frustrating due to the multitude of complications that might have caused it—and by multitude, he means that pretty much everything under the hood can keep the car from starting. There are several reasons why a car’s engine wouldn’t fire up. It could be due to a dead battery or ignition switch (a dead battery can’t send electricity to the starter, which in turn fires the engine cycle up); lack of a spark (due to either failing or completely busted spark plugs); or worn-out crankshaft bearings (such bearings are responsible for moving the pistons smoothly).

Monday, January 12, 2015

Signs that your Brakes Need Urgent Auto Repair in San Juan Capistrano

Unusual noises – When you drive around, your car shouldn’t churn out noises other than the sounds the engine itself makes. If you hit on the brakes and hear significant amounts of screeching, grinding, squealing, rubbing, or other noises that seem to pierce your eardrums, you might be dealing with worn-out brake pads and shoes. Unless you’re a pretty skilled mechanic yourself, you’ll need to have the problem checked out by a skilled San Juan Capistrano car repair pro. Reduced responsiveness – When you step on your brakes and they take a bit long to stop the car entirely, there’s a big chance of a leak in the braking system. The leak can be a fluid or an air one, with the liquid one being the easiest-identified due to a small puddle collecting underneath the car when it’s parked. You can tell if a leak is of brake fluid if it looks like fresh motor oil, but has a less “slimy” texture.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Auto Repair in Mission Viejo: Facts on Electrical System Problems

Considering the various devices and technologies that make up a car, it should not come as a surprise that the number of mechanical problems that a vehicle might have are just as diverse. This is why when you check services for auto repair in Mission Viejo, technicians will have more than just a few offerings—and of all their services, electrical system diagnosis and repair is among the most important.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

San Juan Capistrano Auto Repair: Act Early to Avoid Pricy Consequences

Your car’s dashboard is full of warning lights, from the door ajar indicator to the brake system caution, and of all these lights, the “check engine” light is something that you really shouldn’t disregard. According to data from, more than 9 million American drivers ignore their vehicle’s check engine light for 3 months or more—but, if you don’t want to end up paying for expensive auto repair services, you better pay attention and take immediate action. In an article posted at, the importance of not ignoring the check engine light was highlighted: