Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mission Viejo, CA Auto Repair for Troubles Due to Drivers’ Bad Habits

Cars, like most things, tend to last longer the better you take care of them. More than just regularly keeping it washed and waxed, however, your manner of driving can inevitably affect your car’s health, too, in the long run. There are a lot of habits that not only causes most car problems, which needs attention by a reliable Mission Viejo auto repair service, but can also actually reduce your car’s value. Fast and Jerky Driving Do you tend to accelerate wildly along the highway only to suddenly stop at a traffic light? This kind of driving habit causes a gradual yet quicker deterioration on your engine, transmission, and brake system, and can trigger fluid leaks and other mechanical problems. Particularly for a brand new car, it’s advised to go easy on the gas during the first few thousand miles and change the oil as soon as possible.

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