Friday, May 26, 2017

What you Need to Learn About Tires For Your Mercedes Benz

Wondering what are the best tires for your Mercedes-Benz? The best tires worth your money?
Having a Mercedez Benz luxury car means you know how to take the best care of your vehicle. From scheduled maintenance, you have to make sure it look gorgeous in your driveway.
So, when the time comes to replace your tires, you have to determine the best buy for the price instead of depending on cost alone.
Tire performance under wet and dry conditions should be considered when purchasing tires.

Here are the parts of the tires that should be checked:

  1. Thread plays a vital role in keeping you safe while you drive. Thread, being the most known tire feature,  are comprised of sturdy rubber or composite materials that are divided by grooves. It allows water to siphon off for maximum traction, thus playing a vital role in keeping you protected while driving.
  2. The sidewall of a radial tire is reinforced in multiple layers as these provide strength while maintaining flexibility to the tires.
  3. The bead is the inner circle of a tire, where the sidewall ends and comes into contact with the rim, blocks air from leaking out.

Signs You Need New Tires

  • Threads are going thin. You will hear screeching sounds when you make tire turns.
  • When you see cracks in the rubber of your tires, it is a telltale sign that you're ready for some new tires. It can be a result of constant stretching when you drive.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

How to Make Your Mercedes Benz Summer-Ready!

There’s nothing more exciting than hitting the road this summer equipped with travel guides, trendiest swimsuits, enough snacks to feed an army, and a Mercedez Benz car!
With the high temperature, however, it can be problematic for vehicles like the Mercedez Benz. The extra heat, humidity, and intensity of the sun that can certainly cause damage to your car.
Ensure safe and efficient travel that starts with a vehicle that is delivering optimal performance, and you will be confident that your vehicle is ready for the season.
Here are a few tips to keep your Mercedez Benz protected:
Filters. Ensure that the air filter is changed, as the gasoline engine need to have a sufficient supply of air, plenty of fuel and a strong spark to run properly.
Fluid Levels. Check your fluids especially during the summer. Proper fluid levels are critical at all times. Low oil levels can cause serious friction in the engine, and low coolant levels would allow the motor to overheat, damaging the head gasket, heads or the engine block. Both the engine oil and the coolant keep the motor at the right operating temperature. It also helps the transmission fluid which contributes to maintaining the transmission system from overheating.
Inspect the belts. Belts are used in the crankshaft to drive critical components like the water pump, alternator, air conditioner and, on some engines, the radiator cooling fan.
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mercedes Benz Turn Signal Light Issues and How to Fix Them

The turn signal on your Mercedes-Benz is one way to communicate with the other cars while driving on the road. Traffic Law Headquarters reported that about 2 million crashes per year are a result of failure to signal.

A warning may or may not show on your Mercedes dashboard depending on its model and the problem. “Turn Signal Left / Right / Front / Rear / Side Malfunction” warning may appear on electronic instrument cluster on newer Mercedes models. Double check the turn signal light bulb of your Mercedes car. Make certain it is placed properly in the turn signal socket. Replace the signal light bulbs if there are corroded or burned. Check the correct wattage indicated in the owner’s manual and replace them with newer ones.

Find out the most common turn signal problems and how to identify it yourself.

Left or Right Mercedes turn signal NOT working.

Turn signal either on the left or right side of your Mercedes car is not working when pressing the switch or the turn light doesn't stay on. In most cases, a faulty turn signal switch causes turn signal problems. The turn signal switch and wiper switch are part of the combination switch which is found in the steering column behind the steering wheel. Replace the combination switch by removing the steering wheel; no programming is required. Take note to disconnect the negative battery terminal. The new turn signal switch should have the same part number with the existing switch. To identify the compatible part numbers, call your Mercedes Benz service Laguna Niguel dealer parts department and provide them the VIN of your Mercedes-Benz.

Front or Rear Mercedes Turn signal not working

A burned light bulb, bad SAM module, bad headlight, connector, taillight electrical plug or harness and burned turn signal contact may cause Mercedes turn signal not to work. What to do? Replace the signal light bulb with a new one that has the same wattage and bulb type. The electrical plug that plugs into taillight assembly may not make good contact or may be loose. Remove and inspect it. Use an electrical contact cleaner to clean it if needed.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Costs of Servicing a Mercedes Benz

Maintenance and Mercedes repair costs vary depending on the condition, model, as well as the age of your vehicle. Regardless of the factors, however, it is a must that you regularly maintain your car every year or every 10, 000 miles.

It's good to note that servicing your Mercedes Benz should be done by alternating Mercedes service A Laguna Niguel or minor service with service B or major service. The service A which only include oil change and inspection would typically cost about $200 while the Mercedes service B Laguna Niguel or major service which includes service A plus filters and computer resets would cost twice as much as service A.

How much does each service cost?

  1. Oil change. Mobil 1 OW/40 synthetic oil is the recommended oil for this service especially if your car is new. Each oil change would require about 7-9 liters of oil, each costing about $8 to $12 per liter. Older engines use mineral based oils instead of the synthetic ones.

  1. Major repairs. These includes leaks on the vacuum, oil, water pump and coolant and can vary from $100 to $900. It is best to call us to get a detailed estimate of the cost of any of the major issues on your Mercedes Benz.
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