Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Costs of Servicing a Mercedes Benz

Maintenance and Mercedes repair costs vary depending on the condition, model, as well as the age of your vehicle. Regardless of the factors, however, it is a must that you regularly maintain your car every year or every 10, 000 miles.

It's good to note that servicing your Mercedes Benz should be done by alternating Mercedes service A Laguna Niguel or minor service with service B or major service. The service A which only include oil change and inspection would typically cost about $200 while the Mercedes service B Laguna Niguel or major service which includes service A plus filters and computer resets would cost twice as much as service A.

How much does each service cost?

  1. Oil change. Mobil 1 OW/40 synthetic oil is the recommended oil for this service especially if your car is new. Each oil change would require about 7-9 liters of oil, each costing about $8 to $12 per liter. Older engines use mineral based oils instead of the synthetic ones.

  1. Major repairs. These includes leaks on the vacuum, oil, water pump and coolant and can vary from $100 to $900. It is best to call us to get a detailed estimate of the cost of any of the major issues on your Mercedes Benz.
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