Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mission Viejo, CA Auto Repair: Ideal when Prepping for a Route 66 Trip

America’s road network is extensive beyond recognition, and nothing makes more of a statement than traversing the entirety of Route 66. If you’re having ideas about a road trip, your chosen vehicle should be in tip-top condition for the epic voyage. While it’s geared towards general road trips, a Consumer Reports article underlined the value of extensive preparation before a wonderful adventure. Some residents of Mission Viejo, California may be piqued by the importance of Route 66 in the American psyche. After all, the city is barely an hour away down I-405 North or I-5 to the main starting point in Santa Monica, and California’s stretch of the Route continues through LA via the above two roadways, to Monrovia (I-210), Fontana (I-15), San Bernardino (I-215/I-15) and Barstow before cruising to Arizona along I-40.

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