Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Car Engine Won’t Start: A Typical Mission Viejo, CA Auto Repair Issue

This is probably the most common problem that mechanics at local Mission Viejo, CA auto repair shops the likes of Laguna Niguel Auto Center have dealt with for so long. Auto repair expert and contributor Matthew Wright believes that this situation does everything but help, and is very frustrating due to the multitude of complications that might have caused it—and by multitude, he means that pretty much everything under the hood can keep the car from starting. There are several reasons why a car’s engine wouldn’t fire up. It could be due to a dead battery or ignition switch (a dead battery can’t send electricity to the starter, which in turn fires the engine cycle up); lack of a spark (due to either failing or completely busted spark plugs); or worn-out crankshaft bearings (such bearings are responsible for moving the pistons smoothly).

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