Friday, March 17, 2017

What Powers Your Porsche?

Your Porsche is powered by its electrical system. Four main parts make up this system, and they must work together efficiently. These include Batteries, Alternator, Starter Motor, and   Wiring. These parts need to be regularly checked by Porsche repair Laguna Niguel experts to ensure your daily driving experience is at its best.
Battery. The battery is a storage device. Currently, the Porsche vehicles use a 12-volt battery. It is used to start the engine and help operate the electrical accessories installed on your Porsche. An average battery last 3-5 years in average climates, but may only last 2-3 years for those living in high heat or extreme cold areas.  It is recommended to check it with every oil change and replace it every three or four years.
Alternator. The alternator is the one that produces electricity used to maintain the battery storage charge. It helps run all the electrical accessories, including the ignition and the engine control systems. Your alternator generates the electrical power and recharges the battery once the engine is started.

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