Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Safety Features of a Mercedes Benz

For over a half a century, Mercedes-Benz engineers have added features which are intended to prepare for a moment they hope never occurs. These safety features were assembled for decades and have become a standard that other automobiles eventually follow.
With its heritage engineered to protect in ways you might have never imagined, a Mercedez Benz offers exclusive breakthroughs to help accident impacts become less severe, less damaging and even less likely.
Here are some safety features which a Mercedes-Benz has:
PRESAFE. Mercedes-Benz takes pride in providing some of the most notable safety features in the industry.   It launched the accident investigation program which calculates collision angles as well as impact speed, and collect other data. It somehow preempts the most likely scenario when accident occurs.  It gives the driver an image of the future, preparing the driver for an accident that may happen like extreme skidding and help the driver immediately get ready for it.
With the aid of a network of sensors, PRE-SAFE then tightens the front seat belts, adjusts front head restraints and passenger seat to ultimately prepare the occupants for more efficient results from the control systems.

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