Monday, February 6, 2017

Why a Mercedes A or Mercedes B Service is Needed

The type of Mercedes service Laguna Niguel your car gets depend primarily on its age as well as its mileage. Mercedes A and Mercedes B service are both routine maintenance which your vehicle require at certain intervals. The Mercedes service B Laguna Niguel is more comprehensive compared to the Mercedes service A Laguna Niguel, i.e., more checks, inspections, maintenance is performed. The exact components of the service, however, depends on the model of your Mercedes-Benz as well as specific issues or concerns with each model's operation.

Both Are Similar in:
Tire inflation Checks as well as corrections
brake and brake component inspection
internal fluid level checks
oil changes
oil filter changes or replacements

Mercedes B service additionally has other services which are absent in a Mercedes A service:
replacement of cabin dust filters
brake fluid exchanges
parking break checking
thorough engine inspection
inspection of belts and hoses
inspection of exterior and interior lamps
inspection of the vehicle's underbelly

Both Mercedes A and Mercedes B services are conducted based on the Flex Schedule system. It is an internal system built into the Mercedes which monitors the overall performance of your car along with its mileage. It also tells you when it needs to be serviced. Typically, before any of the services is done, the first maintenance occurs when the car has been driven between 5,000 and 6,000 miles. Your Mercedes service Laguna Niguel technician will just inspect and rotate the tires for you. After both services, the driver is notified by the Flex Schedule system of the vehicle's need for  Mercedes service A Laguna Niguel when it displays a single wrench icon on the dashboard. This is usually indicative that the car has reached 10,000 miles.

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