Thursday, February 16, 2017

How to Spring Clean Your Car

The dawning of spring can inspire us to refresh and renew many things. Our garage, floors, and closets needed that annual spring cleaning! Our Honda cars need it too! This change of season provides an opportunity and a responsibility to tidy up and perform the much-needed maintenance and Honda repair Laguna Niguel our vehicle needs.
Find out some great tips for sprucing up your favorite vehicle from the inside out.
Wash off all the saltI!  Because salt eats everything, this is one important thing your Honda car needs each spring! If you reside in a place where you got lots of snow last winter, your car will more likely accumulate salt. Use a pressure washer, brush, and soapy water. This may require an elbow grease, but it will all be worth it.
Clean the Carpet and Upholstery. Spring is always the perfect time to conquer that unseen filth especially if your car's interior has dark upholstery. Take advantage of the warm weather to air your car out for a few days. You can use a specialized leather or upholstery cleaner,  or spray your vehicle seat’s cloth part with a mixture of distilled water and soap. You can even use a scrub brush to go over it.
Blast the floor mats. During spring, it is important to remove the mats. Use a pressure washer in dealing with this ickiness that accumulated on them during the colder months.

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