Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Porsche: Safety Tips For Winter

Porsche remains to be a notch luxury car when it comes to its styling, performance, safety and environmental innovation. In many years, it has set industry standards and broke records with a long racing heritage of over 28,000 victories under its belt. That is why it's no wonder that Porsche is considered as the world's most successful brand in sports car racing. Thus, it is highly valuable to have a Porsche repair Laguna Niguel expert who knows how to handle and take care of your luxury vehicle.
When the days become shorter, and the temperature starts to fall below freezing road conditions, the Porsche cars are the first to suffer. Here are a few options when tackling icy roads.
First and most important is making sure that you have the correct wheels and tires. Wheels and tires carry the power of a Porsche vehicle from the chassis to the road. They have an enormous impact on your safety – especially under cold weather conditions. That is why it is recommended to use winter wheels and tires because they are chemically formu­lated to help combat hardening due to cold temperatures. It increases the ability of the car to grip while decreasing braking distance during snowy, icy or cold conditions.
Checking your tire pressure is also essential particularly during the winter. When the weather drops, the air inside your tire contracts, causing the pressure to drop. Your tires become more vulnerable to damage the colder the temperature gets because the pressure inside it also decreases. So make sure always that the cold inflation pressure level is always correct.

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