Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How to Winterize your Audi

Winter can be brutal to your car. With all the beating it will go through this winter, it is a must that you follow a few Audi repair Laguna Niguel service tips to ensure that your car does not get stuck.
  1. Battery. The battery is responsible for producing the cranking amperage which is necessary to start your Audi. If it is more than five years, debris could build up reducing the effectiveness of the battery, so have it checked by a professional Audi repair technician. If you expect to have your Audi sit for two or more weeks, make sure you install a low amperage battery tender to keep your battery charged and avoid battery drain.
  1. Coolant system. The coolant system of an Audi is made of plastic, so it becomes brittle with continued heat exposure. Some components of the system like the hose may even show cracks or blisters, so it needs to be checked by a technician regularly. The system should also be flushed to remove any accumulated dirt that may prevent the system from cooling effectively. Be wary of your cooling system fault light and have a tech check your coolant system when it lights up because it signifies an issue with the system that could increase fuel consumption too.
  1. Tire and Tire Pressure. Have the condition of your tires checked by a technician to ensure that there are no foreign objects stuck to it that might cause damage to your tires. Also, inspect the tread of your car. It is already considered unsafe to travel with a tire tread of less than 3/32 inch. The tire pressure level should also be on the right level. To stay safe on the road, use winter tires as it will provide you better grip and traction on the white road.

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