Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mercedes Benz Upgrade Ideas

Looking for tuning and upgrade ideas for you Mercedez Benz? Here are some awesome accessories you can purchase and can have a Mercedez Benz service Laguna Niguel shop install for you:

  1. Door Projector Light. It is the light that can be installed at the bottom of the doors allowing the Mercedez-Benz logo to project on the ground. It will use the existing wiring and can be replaced in just a few minutes. It will project blue and white lights that match the Mercedes-Benz logo.
  1. Rear Trunk Spoiler Upgrade. It is an ABS plastic rear spoiler that can be added to the trunk. It can be attached via tape, preventing you with the need to drill holes into the trunk or paint it to match the color of your Mercedez Benz.  
  1. Trunk Net for your Groceries. This is another great upgrade as this will allow you to place your groceries in the trunk, and the net will prevent them from rolling around the car.
  1. Mercedez Benz key cover. The leather key cover is another smart purchase where it can protect the buttons of keys from wearing out. Since it is a perfect fit, it will not add bulk to the existing key and does not interfere with the lock/unlock engine start features.

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