Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How to Bleed the Porsche Brake System

The brake system of your Porsche needs to undergo bleeding to reduce the hydraulic pressure that builds up inside the system. Bleeding is also used to purge old fluid out of the system to replace it based on the recommended replacement period.
The entire process involves forcing bubble-free brake fluid into the system. There are three ways of bleeding the brake system: pressure bleeding, vacuum bleeding and family member bleeding. Each type involves the use of the said force origin to bleed the system, i.e., the use of pressure, the use of vacuum, and having a family member stomp on the pedal to flush the system, respectively.
How is the bleeding process done?
  1. 1. Fill the brake with brake fluid. Make sure you have your Porsche sent to a Porsche repair Laguna Niguel shop which has a wide garage as the fluid is very corrosive and will mar your car paint easily if you bleed it on a tight space. Remember that when the bleeding process is finish

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